Hospital Income

Daily Hospital Income Benefit

What is Daily Hospital Income Benefit?

Daily Hospital Income is a pay-out that you receive from your insurance policy for each day you are hospitalized as a result of accidental bodily injury. The amount is fixed on a daily basis as specified according to your plan.

Benefits of Hospital Income:

Regardless of whether you already own a medical insurance that covers for your medical and hospital expenses, the hospital income benefit from your PA insurance can still be claimed to pay for additional cost as a result of your stay in the hospital.
This can include the cost incurred by your family members’ daily commute to the hospital; or even to settle any utility bills in the case of a prolonged hospital stay that resulted in a loss of job and income.
In other words, it is totally up to the insured how he’d like to spend his daily hospital income. The insurance company does not require proof or receipt on expenditure to be entitled to the hospital income benefit.

Kurnia Perfect 10

Under the Kurnia Perfect 10 PA policy, Daily Hospital Income is paid for up to a maximum of 180 days per accident. The insured is eligible for this income benefit if he has been warded for a minimum 8 consecutive hours and as long as it occurs within (14) days from date of accident.