Accidental Death and Permanent Disablement

Accidental Death and Permanent Disablement

What is Accidental Death and Permanent Disablement?

Accidental death and permanent disablement coverage will pay out a set amount of money to you or to your beneficiaries if your death or disablement that as a result of accident or other unfortunate events. One major advantage offered by Kurnia Perfect10 is that it covers a whole wide range of events aside from accident.

Some of these events are as follows:

1. Motorcycling
2. Terrorism
3. Hijacking
4. Food poisoning
5. Drowning
6. Amateur sports, skiing and scuba diving
7. Murder and assault
8. Insects, snakes, vermin and animal bites
9. Natural disasters like flood, lighting, hurricanes or tidal waves

Compensation: Start from RM 50,000 up until RM 200,000

What constitutes permanent disablement?

Permanent disablement refers to injury or disability that is the result of an accident or other events mentioned above to the insured. Some of the disability and their compensations (in % of Principle Sum Insured) are as follows:
1. Total permanent disablement 100%
2. Loss of hand or arm 100%
3. Loss of foot or leg 100%
4. Loss of all sight in one or both eyes 100%
5. Loss of hearing in one both ears 15% and 75%
6. Loss of speech 50%
7. Loss of fingers and thumb ranges from 2% to 50%
8. Loss of toes ranges from 1% to 15%

Benefits of Accidental Death and Permanent Disablement coverage:

1. It covers a wide range of events thus giving the insured a greater peace of mind knowing that your loved ones have the financial
2. Extended cover for dangerous sports, natural disasters, murder and assault among others.
3. It helps pay for funeral expenses thus lessening the burden of loved ones left behind.
4. Pay-out from accidental and the unexpected death of the insured can help support the family while and help sustain their lifestyle.