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Personal Accident Insurance in Malaysia

Personal accident insurance or PA is an annual insurance cover that compensates against events caused by accidents. Although life insurance can be the best form of protection to many, it may not be the best solution for others. If you fall into any of the latter group, but still want some form of insurance coverage, PA is an alternative you can consider.

  • Hospital Income

  • Accidental Death

  • Corrective Dental & Cosmetic

Personal Accident Insurance - Best Alternative to Life Insurance

No Medical Check-up
Covers Injury, Disability and Fatality due to Accidents
Provides 24 Hours WORLDWIDE Insurance Protection

Cheapest Protection Against Death

Can be bought at an older age
You can buy it short term
Extended cover for dangerous sports

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Main Features and Benefits

Accidental Death

Personal Accident Insurance is the best alternative to get protection for your family in case you die, because of an accident. Your family will get money from the insurance company similar to life insurance. Is Life insurance too expensive for you? Cannot buy life insurance, because of medical insurance? Buy Personal Accident Insurance.


If you become disabled due to an accident, Personal Accident Insurance will pay you money. The more disabled you are after an accident, the more money you get from the insurance company.

Medical Expenses

Medical Insurance can be expensive in Malaysia, especially if you buy it together with a life insurance. Personal Accident offers a cheap solution for those who either cannot afford or cannot buy due to medical conditions. The amount for medical expenses is low, but it is enough to cover minor injuries at government hospitals.

Hospital Income

This benefit gives you extra cash for every day expenses, when you are in the hospital. It can help you pay for the taxi or other every day costs.

Post Hospitalisation Allowance

The Company will pay up to plan/limit selected per week.

Repatriation Expenses

This benefit helps your family pay for the cost to bring your body back to Malaysia for a funeral. We hope it will never happen, but when you die outside Malaysia, it can be very expensive to fly you back to Malaysia.

Corrective Dental & Cosmetic Surgery

Up to RM5,000.00 per accident for Corrective Dental and Cosmetic Surgery

Bereavement Allowance

RM2,000.00 is payable upon valid claims

Ambulance Fees

Up to RM500.00 per accident for expenses incurred for medical ambulance transportation

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Personal Accident Insurance Work?

This policy covers you against death or disablement caused by accidental, violent, external and visible means. This policy is extended to cover personal liability up to RM100,000.00 and terrorism cover (excluding nuclear, chemical or biological weapons of mass destruction).

Malaysian, Permanent Resident of Malaysia, Work Permit Holders in Malaysia and/or his/her legal spouse and/or child or employee who is legally residing in Malaysia. If the Insured is a corporate body, then the Insured is able to name its employee as the Insured Person.

Age Limit for:
1. Insured or his/her spouse or employee must be 16 years to 65 years old.
2. Insured’s unmarried child/children (including step and legally adopted child/children) who is/are wholly dependent on you for financial support is 30 days to 18 years old or up to 24 years old if he/she is studying full-time in a recognized institution of higher learning.

What Does Personal Accident Insurance Cover?

PA insurance covers death and total permanent disability (TPD) of the insured that is the result of an accident. It does not cover natural death, i.e death occurring in the course of nature and from natural causes such as age or disease. This is the main and most critical difference between PA and life insurance. However, PA does have a few unique advantages over life insurance.

Are There Exclusions To The Coverage Of PA Insurance?

This policy does not cover certain losses, such as:

  • Childbirth or miscarriage;
  • Murder and assault resulting from provocation by the Insured Person;
  • Suicide or intentional self-inflicted injuries or any attempt thereat while being sane or insane;
  • Flying or travelling in an aircraft unless as a fare-paying passenger in a licensed commercial aircraft on a scheduled route;
  • Pre-existing conditions and disease and sickness of any kind;
  • Committing or attempt to commit any unlawful act;
  • Influence of alcohol or of drugs not prescribed by a registered medical practitioner;
  • Professional sports, water-skiing, martial arts, racing of any kind other than on foot, mountaineering necessitating on ropes or guides or use of woodworking machinery driven by mechanical power;
  • Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) or AIDS Related Complex (ARC).

How much premium do I have to pay?

The premium that you have to pay varies depending on the plan selected and your occupation.

What are the fees and charges I have to pay?

The fees and charges that you will have to pay are:
Service Tax: 6% of the premium
Stamp duty: RM10.00
Agent’s commission where there is an intermediary involved: 25% of the premium

Can I cancel my policy and how do I cancel it?

You may cancel your policy by giving 7 days written notice to the insurance company. Upon cancellation, you are entitled to a refund of
the premium based on Company’s short period rate. There shall be no refund for cancellation of policy by either the Insured or the
Company under the following circumstances:
1. the policy is paid under monthly premium payment mode, or
2. if the amount to be refunded is less than Ringgit Malaysia Ten (RM10.00), or
3. in a situation that falls under 100% of premium to be charged under the short period rates, or
4. claim has been made during the current Period of Insurance

How To Choose A Personal Accident Insurance Policy That Is Right For You

As always, it is best to do your own research before deciding on a policy that is best suited for you and there can always be better alternatives such as personal accident insurance in this case. Speak to an experienced insurance agent or financial advisor to get expert views on the matter

Kurnia's Personal Accident Coverage Always Comes With The Following Benefits

Repatriation Expenses
RM 5,000


Personal Liability
RM 100,000

Corrective Dental & Cosmetic Surgery
RM 5,000

Ambulance Fees
RM 500

Choose Your Plan

Plan C
RM129/ Year
Accidental Death
Permanent Disablement
Medical Expenses
Hospital Income
Post-Hospitalisation Allowance
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Plan E
RM231/ Year
Accidental Death
Permanent Disablement
Medical Expenses
Hospital Income
Post-Hospitalisation Allowance
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